E-Learning Strategy

We are really excited to share the E-Learning Strategy with you. Here are some parts of the E-Learning Strategy.

Watch the video of our students and staff talk about what the strategic aims mean to them.


E-Learning Mission Statement

To be a college that embraces technology and seeks innovative ways to deliver services to all stakeholders in which each learner is able to experience independent learning through the use of digital technology. 


The vision below looks at how technology can contribute to the achievement of the College’s mission statement.


We seek to increase opportunities for students and staff to connect and interact with each other to encourage collaboration within the institution and the wider community.

Preparation for the future

Students and staff will be supported in developing their skills and understanding needed to thrive in new and evolving learning and working environments.

Access to learning

We seek to enable all learners to access learning opportunities to provide an inclusive environment that promotes independence and autonomy and encourages the use of bring your own devices (BYOD).


We aim to use technology to improve and enhance the quality of experience of all our learners throughout the learner journey.

Embracing change

To promote an environment in which innovation is supported and celebrated.

 What the strategy means to you


Presentation – E-strategy Launch

Please click on this link to see a copy of the presentation, delivered at the Staff Conference Opening talk presented by Angela Rideau.





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Learning Technologies Staff Conference 2014 at Barnet and Southgate College.

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