Experiment with Online Moodle Courses





Audience: Academic Staff

In this Experimentation Zone we encourage you to take part in an Online CPD Experiment and provide us with feedback to improve the Online CPD courses.

You will explore either one of the following 2 Online CPD courses:

  1. Moodle Basics
  2. Bronze Moodle Training

In this session you will

  1. Complete an online training package of your choice (one of the above)
  2. Watch tutorial videos and view handouts
  3. Apply this in practice to your own Moodle course
  4. Complete a quiz as part of the assessment and
  5. Provide feedback on your experience
Overview of ‘Online Moodle CPD Courses’
Bronze Moodle Training Overview

Before the session

headphones listen

Bring a pair of headphones with you as there will be video tutorials that you will need to watch to complete the training.


About the presenter – no presenter

This session is about independent learning and is self-led with no trainer. You will be required to work at your own pace and follow the instructions.


Please see the handout for instructions: Experiment with Online Moodle Courses Instructions

Access iLearn (Moodle) http://ilearn.barnetsouthgate.ac.uk/


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