Collaborative Google Docs

Audience: Academic Staff  


In this session

You will learn how to

  • complete a collaborative presentation activity
  • make your own google slides activity
  • see other things you can do with drive and how it links to blendspace
  • (given time- a quick play with blendspace)
  • uploading and reformatting existing docs
  • view links to sample teacher blogs 

About the Presenter

Martin Compton, Teacher Trainer

Martin Compton is a teacher trainer at the snappily named Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. He also works as a Freelance Educator for the Holocaust Educational Trust, is a Teaching Fellow of the University of Westminster and a member of the JISC London RSC advisory board. His professional passion is finding and sharing ‘free and easy’ cloud based tools that engage teachers and, in turn, their students. His personal passion is Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. No prizes for guessing which has given him most satisfaction this year.

He has been teaching since 1992 which seems to him like moments ago until he thinks about how much technology has changed in that time. Gone, but not forgotten, are the banding machines, carefully written and coloured-in OHP transparencies and massive TVs with doors on them. It does make him think that teachers do need to do their best to keep up with educational (and other) technology and further reinforces his notion that the easier the tools are the more likely teachers are to use them.

Create your google account – Compulsory before the session

You can sign up to use this before the Learning Technologies event. It will save you time on the day (but remember your username and password).

Please create a Google + account before the session as there is limited time during the session and it will be used to create content and experiment.



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