Flipped Learning

Audience: Academic Staff   


Flipped Learning is about changing the way teaching is delivered to ensure that the valuable contact time with learners in class is used for completing tasks that require higher order thinking skills and that simpler tasks such as watching a video or reading a case study happen outside of the classroom. But, this is a very simplistic explanation.

Flipped Learning has many advantages and these will be explored within the session.

In this session

You will be able to:

  • Explore flipped learning within your own teaching. 
  • List the benefits of using the flipped learning model of teaching and learning

About the Presenter

Kav Dev

Kav works for RSC London and has organised and presented at several events related to learning technologies.

Pre-session activity

Please visit this link and complete the activity BEFORE you arrive in the session. You will be required to watch a brief  3 minute video and will need to take a short quiz


Sign Up

You won’t need to sign up to use any of the features in Moodle (iLearn) as you will already have a staff login.


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