Interactivity using Moodle

Audience: Academic Staff   

Moodle is not just about adding your worksheets or handouts online so students can see the notes. Blended learning sessions include the ability for the teacher to be able to share control of learning with learners. Moodle has many features that allow learners to participate and interact with each other as well as to take control and create learning content.

This session explores using Moodle’s features that promote interactivity. Blogs, WIKIs and forums will be explored.

In this session

You will be able to:

  • Use blogs, forums and WIKIs 
  • Share control with learners to enable them to interact with each other and create content online
  • List the benefits of working interactively and collaboratively with learners 
  • Use more advanced features of Moodle to improve the learner experience

About the Presenter

Kav Dev

Kav works for RSC London and has organised and presented at several events related to learning technologies.

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Interactivity in Moodle Kavs session

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