Infographics – A new way to visualise data

Audience: Everyone   

Create infographics using Piktochart.



This this session

This is a demo session but you will have the chance to try and create a collaborative infograpic as a team.

  • Brief overview of what an infographic is 
  • The benefits of using an infographic 
  • See some examples demonstrated by Alice
  • Examples of how you can use this in your roles
  • A chance to contribute and create an infographic

About the Presenter

Alice Fitzhugh

Alice Fitzhugh is the Learner Services Apprentice and has successfully created Piktochart Infographics to communicate data and information in a user-friendly manner to students.


Click here to see an example of an infographic:

Service Areas:


 Sign Up

You can sign up to use this before the Learning Technologies event. It will save you time on the day (but remember your username and password).



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