Onefile E-Portfolios

Audience: Academic Staff   

Onefile is an online portfolio software that works on tablets, mobile phones and desktop computers. It allows students and teachers to upload and assess work online whilst showing you a clear snapshot of outstanding tasks using user-friendly data.

You can submit and mark work on different devices using the mobile friendly Onefile app.

The Health, Education and Social Care department have used Onefile for the past two years and have benefitted by a reduction in paperwork,  working SMARTER, being in touch with internal and external verifiers and allowing them to seamlessly verify through Onefile.

This this session

This is a demo session and is not hands-on. Kate will demonstrate

  • The features and benefits of using Onefile 
  • Present a case study of how she has used Onefile with her teaching team and students 

About the Presenter

Kate James – Health & Social Care Lecturer

Kate wears a number of hats; Lecturer, eChampion and Teaching & Learning Coach. She has carried out a considerable amount of work  in promoting the use of digital tools in teaching and learning to enhance the learner experience. She regularly supports her peers by providing ongoing training and support.

Kate uses Onefile extensively with her groups and is the key contact for Onefile  for the Health, Education and Social Care  Department at Barnet Southgate College.

Kate presented on the benefits of  using animations and avatar’s in last year’s eFactor event and is constantly utilising new tools to enrich the learning experience. She is also presenting at this year’s efactor event on Online CPD courses developed to promote collaborative eLearning.




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